Sunday, July 21, 2013

iTalk Doodle Buddy

Today I am linking up with The Brown-Bag Teacher to discuss iPads.

I will begin by telling a story.

I was sitting on a panel in front of a group of teachers.  We were asked to name one "go to" app.  I decided to name Doodle Buddy since I used it with my kinders all the time.  But before I could answer, I heard a fifth grade teacher answer, "Doodle Buddy".  What?!?  I thought of Doddle Buddy as an app for primary students.  Fifth grade?!?

Doodle Buddy - Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch - It's Addictive!
Doodle Buddy

Yep.  Doodle Buddy is a versatile app that can be used with any grade level.  Doodle Buddy allows students to paint, draw or even stamp pictures.  

Unfortunately, I can only share how I use this app with kindergartners.  But I am hopeful, my ideas will spur you brilliant upper grade teachers to come up with even better ideas of your own.  

Here are some ways I use Doodle Buddy with kindergartners:

1)  Patterning
  • Students use two (or three) colors to create a pattern.  Another student has to tell what comes next.
  • I make a pattern with our manipulative bears (example: blue, red, red ... abb) and students have to make that same pattern using two different colors on their iPads.
  • Students use two (or three) shape stamps to make a pattern. 
  • I make a pattern using attribute shapes (example: circle, square, triangle ... abc).  Students have to stamp that same pattern on their iPads, using different shapes.
  • I make a pattern (example: aab) and students make that same pattern on their iPads, but they get to decide if they will make that pattern with shapes or colors or size.
What I am loving about all of this is that my students can quickly make multiple patterns this way.  They can take a screen shot of their patterns and then add it to the photo roll on their iPad.  Pretty cool! Sounds like the beginning of a portfolio to me!

2) Addition / Subtraction
  • Students create a drawing to match an addition or subtraction problem I give them.  They can draw circles / triangles / squares or they can use the stamps.
  • A student creates a drawing and a partner writes an equation to match the drawing.  (Both the drawing and the equation can be created using Doodle Buddy.)
3) Decomposing
  • I gave students a number (example: 5) and students decompose the number.  I had them begin by drawing two squares and then drawing dots in each square.  Then students shared the various ways they had decomposed.  For example, one student drew 3 dots in one square and 2 dots in another.  A different student drew 5 dots in one square and 0 dots in the other square.  Then students erase their responses and come up with a second way to decompose the number.

4) Geometry
  • Students draw and label various shapes.  They can even take photos of a variety of items in the room, open the photos in Doodle Buddy and then label the shapes.

Yep, I L.O.V.E. Doodle Buddy!!!!  What app do you love?  Please link to The Brown-Bag Teacher and let us know.

Love to all,


  1. How cool, Camille! I will definitely have to check this out. I can see it acting like a whiteboard in 5th grade for showdowns and quick checks. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up! :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  2. Thank you! Stopping by from love2learn2day to visit. Just downloaded the app! :)

  3. Hey Camille! I was reading through some of my older posts and kept seeing your name! Miss all those convos via comments! Hope all is well!

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