Sunday, July 17, 2011

Student Led Safaris - oops - Conferences

Last night I spent time with my bestie Andrea.  She told me about a cool way to do student led conferences even in kindergarten.  I thought I would write about it here so I don't forget the details.

Who:  my students
What:  lead their own conferences
When:  March (at the November conferences we will meet to set goals; but the March conferences will be student led)
Where:  all around the classroom
Why:  for students to take ownership of their learning and for parents to get insight into their child's learning
How:  The set up will be similar to a safari.   Stations will be set up around the room that match the standards.  Students will lead their parents around the room from station to station following footprints on the floor.  Students may even wear "binoculars" made from paper towel tubes.  Stations will be numbered so that students advance in order.  Each station will be based on a standard and will involve a student activity.  For example, the standard may be to count to 30 (kinder) and the task is for students to count orally as high as they can.  Students will be scheduled to come in about 6 at a time each hour.  The teacher will be the park ranger and will be available at the end of the safari for students and parents to check in with if desired.

My thoughts:  Since I plan to have my class set up like a forest, instead of a safari, I can have my students lead their parents on a hike though the forest.  (Subtle difference, I know!  But I like to pay attention to details.)

February 3, 2012
Tammy at LiveLoveLaugh just posted a great description of her student lead conferences in kindergarten.
Read all about it here.

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  1. I love this idea for spring conferences! You've inspired me :)