Friday, October 21, 2011

I am a YES Girl!

Well, I am back at my blog. I am a little embarrassed since it has been almost two months since my last post. (Okay, I am WAY more than a little embarrassed!!!) How did life get so crazy?!? I am a simple gal and lead a simple life, but it sure is a hectic one! Are you the type of person that just has to ... volunteer for every committee that sounds interesting? ... attend every workshop that sounds intriguing? ... say yes to each request that comes your way? You get the idea and I'll bet many of you are the same way! During the summer, I actually practiced saying "No!" with a friend. But then school started and I was well rested and everything sounded so interesting and "Yes!" was my answer. Sigh. So now I am back to leading a hectic life! But I will try to have that life include blog posting. My goal was to use my blog as a memory book for myself that would trigger memories the following year. Having photos and links to activity sheets would make life so organized and easy; but alas, I have posted so little this school year that my "memory book" won't be very helpful next year. Hmmm ... maybe I can change that. I will try!

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