Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moose on the Loose

After reading several blogs about the Elf on the Shelf, I went to Target to buy one. But I started to reconsider when I saw the price tag: $30!!!!!!! This was for a really cute elf and a book that introduces the elf. I didn't like the book so decided to change things up a bit. (I LOVE Santa and his elves, but the idea of an elf watching me to see if I am naughty or nice gives me the creeps. I think it has to do with the movie "Chucky". All about an evil, murderous doll. Note to self: No more horror movies!)

Anyway, I found an adorable stuffed moose for $5. The moose doesn't scare me at all! He is decorated in red and green so looks Christmasy. I am going to put him in a box in the freezer so that I can tell my students he came from the North Pole. Then each morning the moose will be found in a different place in the classroom. He will have a new note each day encouraging the children to be kind, patient, etc. I got the ideas for the notes from Kerri's sweet Magic Elf unit, which is all about the true meaning of Christmas. I changed up her notes so that they came from a moose.

I think my kiddos will love this! I have six of the same students this year so love doing things we didn't do last year.

Love to all,


  1. Hi Camille!
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  2. Shoot! I wish I had found your blog earlier. I didn't do the Elf on the Shelf because I wasn't willing to pay $$$$ for an elf either. lol. I bought a moose this summer!!!! ~sigh~ There's always next year! I'm now an official blog stalker of your site! I hope you a Merry Christmas.

    First Grade Delight