Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Four on the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

After a great BBQ and spending a fun afternoon with my dad and sister, I am ready to continue the celebration by taking part in Four on the Fourth.  Thank you to the divine Ms. M for hosting a linky party in which we share four things we are going to try during the next school year.  Click here to see all of the responses.

My four ideas for next year:

1)  I am moving to a new classroom.  I LOVE my current classroom, but the new room is even better!! But moving is a difficult task!!  I am in the process of sorting and packing and moving boxes and then unpacking right now.  I am very proud of myself for throwing, recycling, and donating so many items.  I am also embarrassed by the abundance of items I have found.  I mean really, how many ________ does a girl need?  (Fill in the blank with just about any item, and chances are, it is something that I have found way too many of as I am packing up.  Oh, except money.  Except for a penny here or there, I do NOT have an abundance of money.)

2)  I will be creating a completely new floor plan for my new classroom.  Not only is this classroom bigger, but the cabinet arrangement is different so I am forced to rethink my whole setup.  This thrills me because I am really thinking about what is best for my students in terms of furniture arrangement.

3) One goal that I have is to keep my teacher supplies more organized.  (This goes along with number one and my current mess!)  I don't have a teacher desk, but instead pile things around the room ... in many places ... some of which I can't find later.  So to help myself, I made a Pinterest inspired teacher organizer.  So cute!  My plan is to keep all of my teacher supplies in ONE location.  Wish me luck!

4) The kindergarten teachers have been given the go ahead in my district to implement the Common Core Standards.  Hurrah!  Wait a minute, this means we will need to rethink a lot of things.  Yep.  Exciting, but lots of work!  (Oh, I will be once again teaching a kinder/first grade combination class so really I am supposed to be doing Common Core with kinder and the regular California standards with the firsties.  Hmmmm .... me thinks I will also switch my firsties to Common Core, also  ... at least in math.)

Okay, that is four.  I am done!  Good night to all!!  Tomorrow it is back to sorting and tossing and recycling and donating and packing for me.

Love to all,



  1. Great goals! I'm moving my classroom too but the room is identical. SMALL and identical. Last March, I finally organized my room so well that all teaching supplies were in same area, all art supplies, etc. It took a while to do but oh, so worth it! Before I unpack even one box this summer (can't get in until August 6th) I am going to go through every single thing that was left in the room and do what needs to be done with it...then unpack. Organization is a top priority. Hope you had a Happy 4th!

  2. Great goals! I'm looking forward to see how you use the Common Core standards.

  3. Good luck with the move! I've done it 3 times now and I am hoping not to do it again for a long while!
    Finally in First

  4. Your four sound a lot like mine. Minus the moving. Thank goodness.
    So glad you got to spend the 4th with your dad and sister!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. So 1, 2 & 3 are the same for me too! Good luck with them and thank you for the lovely compliment.

    Thanks for linking up.

  6. I cannot wait to see pictures of your room when you finish. I have been in the same room all 12 years...I love where my room is located and might cry if I had to move because I have have tons of stuff too! =)

    Heather's Heart

  7. Good luck with setting up your room - I am moving to a new school and have the same daunting task.

    I am your newest follower and have awarded you with this award, come by and pick it up!

  8. New follower here! I'm going to work on my organization this upcoming year as well! My desk was a WRECK and a lot of my coworkers enjoyed pointing that out to me! :)

    Rock and Teach

    1. Thanks Katie! When coworkers came in my room, I used to wonder if they would comment on my many piles, but no one ever did. Maybe I kept them well hidden ( cupboards, under tables. any place I could find!)

  9. I am your newest follower. Swing on by my page and check it out and enter my giveaway!!

  10. Thank you so much for your classroom pet advice. Worms! What a great idea! I would have never thought of that.

  11. Exciting! My class this year is predominantly male--I need to rethink my furniture arrangement, too.

    (I'm organizing my links and I do not now HOW I've missed placing you in my sidebar lineup. Please forgive me! I'm correcting it now!!)