Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It Number Two!

Tara over at Fourth Grade Frolics is already on Monday Made It #11, but this is just my second time to link up.

I have been painting like crazy in my new room.  First the bulletin boards, then the bookcases and then ... anything that didn't move.  (Well, not really, but almost!!!)  Besides painting, I did FINALLY made a few Pinterest items that it seems like EVERYONE else made months ago.  Try not to be too, too, too bored.  Here they are:

1)  READ letters

I love these!  I used scrapbook paper and ModPodge.  This was my first ModPodge project ever.  The bubbles were unexpected and a pain, but with persistence, I got rid of most of them.  A few stayed, but I still love my letters.

2) Teacher's Toolbox

While a friend was in my classroom today, she asked me for a postit.  Rather than just handing her one, I dragged her over to my toolbox so she could watch me open the labeled drawer and pull out a postit.  What a dope I am!  But she is a sweetie so she oohed and awed over my toolbox.  Heh heh!

Be sure to check out the amazing, brilliant, creative things that other teachers are making over at Fourth Grade Frolics!

Once I have the painted furniture in place, I will post pictures.  I am so excited that my classroom is starting to shape up and look like an actual classroom (versus a storeroom filled with boxes).

Love to all,


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