Friday, January 4, 2013

My Favorite Snowflakes!

Hi all!  Just wanted to share one of the projects I have prepped for next week.  I shared it last year, but love it so much that I am sharing it yet again.  I love, love, love these snowflakes!  (Maybe I love them so much because these are the only snowflakes we will see in my neck of the woods!)

Pattern Block Snowflakes

Here is a closeup from a year I used light blue construction paper for the background.  (I like the dark blue even more!)

This idea came from my teaching partner Marlene.  (THANKS Marlene!!!) To prep,  I use a pattern block template and copy all of the different pattern blocks onto white copy paper.  Then I get a helper (usually a middle school or high school student) to cut out the various pattern blocks.  For each child,  I cut a blue (either dark or light) 12" X 12" square (or circle which I LOVE) and glue a white hexagon in the middle. Each student is to create a symmetrical snowflake using the white pattern blocks.  The hexagon in the middle gives them a base to build from.  These snowflakes always turn out beautiful (although a few are always .. well, interesting) and they make a great bulletin board display.  Plus this is really a math project!  I expect students to use the correct names of the shapes as they work.  Plus we have lots of discussions about symmetry.  Here is a link to the templates for the pattern blocks.

One project prepped ... many to go!!!

Love to all,



  1. Those are great! What a great idea:)
    Go Nutty With Me!

  2. I have been having my high school aide cut me some correct color shapes....Tuesday I will have him cut some white ones(if I don't do it first this long weekend). I love those snowflakes!!

    Terri Izatt