Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Interviewing Today!

Gulp ... I am interviewing today. But ... double gulp ... I am not the interviewee - I am the INTERVIEWER! I am on a panel to interview for the unfilled teaching positions in my district. I am THE teacher rep on the panel. Me! The one and only teacher rep for my entire district. Me! Triple gulp! I think I am as nervous today as I was a million years ago when I was applying for teaching jobs. Yikes! It seems like just yesterday, but now here I am on the other side of the table!!

Just a few months ago, my district was giving pink slips, but now due to a variety of circumstances, EVERY teacher was offered a position and we have to hire a few more teachers. WOW!

So dear Bloggets, if any of you are looking for a teaching job in northern California please post a comment to this blog. I am more than willing to contact you and give you specifics. At my school alone, we have two openings: kinder and third. Great district, great school, great principal, great families, and most importantly: truly great students! ... and if you are interviewing for jobs, please know that the interview team is truly on your side and wants to make you shine during the interview!

Have a great Thursday everyone!


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