Friday, August 12, 2011

More About Pete

Hi all!

I am stressed out of my mind preparing (or should I say, not preparing???) my classroom. There is so much to do that I spend most of my time thinking about all there is to do! Crazy!! But I did finish one task. Hurrah! The clues for my Pete the Cat hunt are now complete. In a previous post I explained my plan and gave a list of all of my clues.  Since I don't know how to add colorful graphics to documents, I had to cut and paste (yep, with scissors and glue). But I LOVE how they turned out! (...and yes, I have added "Learn to add colorful graphics to documents" to my TO DO list!!!!) For my cards I used pictures from a bulletin board border I found at the Dollar Store. Here is the first card:

Now it is time for this girl to go on into the classroom!
Take care my hardworking friends,


  1. so cute! I love the idea of a Pete the Cat hunt. I'm doing a letter hunt and already got my letters ready or I would certainly borrow this idea.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog about Houghton Mifflin. Our buzz word, instead of fidelity, is INTEGRITY. TO THE CORE. And we have heard other schools in our district who are in Program Improvement (not us!!!) have the same thing going on that you are talking about. If it wasn't from HM, they couldn't use it. I can't believe it. I sure hope that's not where we're headed.
    Thank you again for your support!!! And I would love to teach you to add clipart to your documents. I think you would be surprised at how easy it is! :) Cute Pete hunt, by the way!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. Thanks for adding your Pete Hunt to the Pete Party linky. Bet your kids loved it. Are you planning to use it again for this year's kids?

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