Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where are you today?

Kindergarten teachers,
OMG!  I am sitting in a comfy chair in my own home attending a FANTASTIC professional development!  I paused it midway just to make sure all of you know this is happening and that you are also invited to attend.  The cost? $19.95 and that includes lots of freebies that you can download.  Do these names sound familiar?  Crystal, Fran, Hadar, Krissy??  Yeap, your favorite kinder bloggers are presenting today and $19.95 is the cost for ALL four presentations.  When you add all of their presentations together it comes to about three and a half hours.  That's a lot of great information!!!  I am hurrying back to do some more viewing and learning!

Love to all,

Can't attend today?  Not to worry, their presentations are available from now on at this link.

Miss Kindergarten
Kindergarten Expo


  1. I just watched Fran. It was great. Appears there are some technical glitches. So, I am hoping later will be better to watch the others. It has been great so far.

  2. I am amazed that I had no problems watching the others. They were really fantastic. This was a great experience and I appreciate all the comments people have made. We need more of this kind of professional development just for kindergarten.

  3. I really enjoyed this experience. Fran's right, bring on the professional development! So easy to access and so great that I'm doing it in my jammies!!

    *hugs* Kat

  4. I missed out on this professional development. Found your blog through a comment you left. I'm now following you. :)
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