Monday, February 20, 2012

Abe in Charcoal

Hi all!  Please don't hate me, but I have this entire week off.  But since my classroom is a mess and my house is a mess, I will be super busy doing boring cleaning while most of you are having fun with your students.  Really!  As I cleaned toilets today I thought about how I could be doing a read aloud.  Sad, but true!

Now onto something fun for me!  One of my favorite art projects involves Abraham Lincoln and charcoal.  I love using a variety of art mediums with my students so every year we do a directed drawing of Abraham Lincoln using art charcoal. I bought a box of 100 pieces of art charcoal years ago.  I think that box is going to last F.O.R.E.V.E.R!  But just because I did this in charcoal doesn't mean you have to.  Crayon or pencil would work just as well.  Here are two finished masterpieces from last week.  I am always stunned by how wonderful these portraits all turn out.
Lincoln drawn in charcoal by two firsties!

Step-by-step directions for directed drawings of Lincoln AND Washington can be found at KinderKorner.   Special thanks to Victoria Smith of KinderKorner for posting these directions years ago for all of us to use!

My laundry is calling me, so away I go.

Love to all,


  1. Thanks for the sweet comment Camille! Unfortunately, we are in the same boat as you! We don't fully implement until 2014, but we are allowed to incorporate some of the CCss just as long as our students are able to pass the cst's in may. Is that even what they're called?? I've only taught kinder and first so I know nothing about testing! Haha! Also, our district isn't even adopting new text books until 2017 so that should be interesting... Stay tuned!

  2. These are great!!! Where in the heck do you get charcoal? Because I know I could do this in pencil, but now that YOU'VE shown it to me in charcoal, I must have charcoal. And I'm assuming it's not the charcoal that you can grill hamburgers with . . .
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  3. Love the president drawings!! Too cute!! I am your newest follower! When you get a chance, come check out my blog.


  4. @Kristin, I googled art charcooal, but couldn't find the type I have. I will look at school tomorrow and post information.
    @April, I am your devoted follower! I LOVE the name of your blog!!!!! : )


  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for just being my friend. I love these Lincoln portraits and I do not envy you cleaning but I should be doing the same..

  6. Camille! I love reading your blog and have finally started one of my own! These Lincoln drawings are adorable.

    Check me out:

    I can't wait to have blog talk with you! Hope you are having a great break!

  7. A whole week off...not fair! Enjoy!
    I gave you an award..come see!