Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family Science Night

You know that feeling when you have spent time planning an event and then it goes really smoothly and you are on a high afterwards?  Well, I have that feeling tonight!

I am on my district's science committee and I have to say that this is the BEST committee I have ever been on EVER.  I LOVE all of the other teachers on the committee: they are compassionate, innovative and very bright.  Just being around them makes me feel so much smarter because I think some of their smarts is wearing off on me.  

So this amazing committee planned a free Family Science Night for the students in grades K-5 in my district.  (We are a fairly small district with just four elementary schools.)  There were about 20 science stations, about ten local non-profit groups, and about 500 students in attendance.  It was UNBELIEVABLE!!!  My part was very small, yet I feel so empowered by the success of this night. Hurrah for all of us working together to make this such a success!

What amazing events occur in your school and your district?  Please share!

Love to all,



  1. That's very cool!!!! What kind of science stations did you have? Our district is one of the 10 largest so we don't normally do things as a whole district. But our school has Family Literacy Night (free) and we'll perform skits (based on books) and then we break up into classrooms for a story and a craft (last time it was all Jan Brett books). Super fun!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

    1. Hey Kristin! My district uses FOSS Science (which I LOVE). FOSS is based on having the students investigate to discover the answers to key questions. Since FOSS is so hands-on, the science team chose three investigations at each grade level. Last year the science team wrote up each investigation so that we could have cards at each table guiding students/families for each investigation. Volunteer teachers packed the materials for each investigation and other teachers volunteered to supervise each station (very much the guide on the side mentality). Students were DIScouraged from attempting too many investigations. We recommended five or six that sparked their interest. That way the students could go in depth and write observations and conclusions in their science notebooks.

      Hmmm ... Family Literacy Night sounds fun! Years ago we used to do something called BEAR (Be Enthusiastic About Reading) Breakfasts where families would bring their breakfasts to school and we would all sit around and read together. It was an amazing feeling to look around the classroom and see everyone reading in each family. Some families were doing read alouds and others were all reading on their own. It really emphasized the fact that we are all readers! Maybe it is time for me to bring back BEAR Breakfasts!

    2. Our district isn't HUGE- but we do have 15 elem things are usually school to school basis.
      We have a reading night coming up...our science fair (for the county) was canceled due to lack of funding- tears.....

      You should be so proud of your hard work on the committee...! 500 guests is awesome!!!

      Going Nutty!

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  3. It is a great feeling when everything comes together. Congrats on such a successful event!! I LOVE FOSS, too! In my old district, "they" (not sure who!) would deliver fully loaded bins for each unit for each teacher. My new district doesn't pay for the service and it's going to be a challenge to do the next unit. Ugh!

    We have lots of family nights in my district. Always fun to bring the kids and parents together.

  4. So glad I found and started following your blog. Congrats on your successful event. My school has a fabulous PTA, so many events happen throughout the year as a whole school. Grade levels also do things specific to their studies. (Penguins, Lantern Festival, Night of the Notables) Kids do amazing work and want to show it to their families.

    Chickadee Jubilee