Wednesday, March 7, 2012

... and the Seuss goes on!

Last week was such a blast with all things Seuss, that I just can't stop!  I feel like a small snowball that is roling down the hill and getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  Each day I just have to do more Seuss activities.  I just can't stop!!!!

Since I have pretty much exhausted all of YOUR ideas (thank you very much!!!), I had to think of my own idea for today.  So ... here is what I came up with:  TRUFFULA TREES!!!!  Very simple truffula trees.  We started with yellow construction paper.  My kiddos drew a trunk with a black crayon and then added a wild tree top.  Next they drew zig zag lines on the trunk.  Then it was time to paint.  They had three choices: red, orange or purple.  I added lots of white to the paint so it looked more "Seussy".  My firsties had been learning about shades and tints so we talked about adding white to make a tint.  Later came the hard part:  cutting the trees out - all those crazy treetops!!  But my wonderful kiddos did it!

This bulletin board is located in the "Board Room" in my school district.  Each of the five schools in my district has a bulletin board that is supposed to be decorated with student work and changed once a month.  It was first grade's turn, but I told my team that if they didn't want to do it, I had enough Seuss stuff to fill the entire board.  My teammates were thrilled so today I went to decorate the board.  It turned out that I had WWAAAAYYYYYYY too much stuff - I probably could have filled all five boards.  If I had known about the yellow paper in back, I would have brought new paper and changed it!  Oh well!  Here is the finished board ... you may recognize a few ideas I got from other bloggers.

The work on the large red papers is based on If I Ran the Zoo.  My first graders drew imaginary animals and then wrote a description of their animal.  This was based on a wonderful idea I got from Crystal at Kreative in Kinder.

The Lorax craftivity is from Chanty at The Teaching Bug.  The One Fish, Two Fish math ideas are from Jen's (The Teacher's Cauldron) unit at TPT. (It is only $1!!!!)  My Cat in the Hat guided drawings are from Sally at Fairy Dust Teaching.  (But my students used crayons instead of watercolors.)  Whew!  I sure do love my blogging pals!  Thank you everyone!

Love to all,


  1. Wow! You have been busy!! I love this board -- we have something similar at our district office, but we have so many schools that our school doesn't even have to do it ONCE A YEAR.
    Love the board!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. I love all of this and I know your kiddos did too!

    Thank you for always leaving such encouraging and sweet heart notes on my blog. I am truly touched by each one and they help me when I start to worry...which is A LOT!

    I know your kiddos are blessed by your kind heart too! =)

    Heather's Heart