Monday, March 12, 2012

Cute, Cute, Cute Leprechauns!

My class just made the most adorable leprechauns today.  These are from a unit by the wonderful Reagan called Looking for a Leprechaun.  Each day my class has to complete a page from Reagan's booklet before they can read the daily letter from Lucky, our class leprechaun.  Today we had extra time together as a class, so we made Reagan's leprechauns.  How cute are these guys?!?

...and here is a whole army of leprechauns!  There are even more ... I didn't have a bulletin board that could contain them so they are also around the windows smiling.  This is the good news about having larger class size ... you get LOTS of art to decorate the classroom.  My students LOVED making these; especially curling the paper for those amazing beards.  (Notice the handprints in the background ... We made those handprints in August and I usually find a way to work them into each display ... it just didn't work this time and I just didn't have the heart to take them down.  Oh well ...)


Tomorrow's letter from Lucky mentions these leprechauns.  Lucky LOVES them!  (Yes, I peeked at his letter on my way out the door!  Hopefully, Lucky didn't see me peeking!)

Love to all,


  1. The Leprechauns are adorable Camille and thank you for sending me to Reagan's TpT store. It looks like she has great stuff there. I hope you are having a happy week with Lucky and your students!

  2. Your Leprechauns turned out super cute! Our sneaky Leprechaun visited our classroom and left his Lucky Charm snack everywhere along with footprints and glitter! My students loved it! Hopefully their traps will catch him tomorrow:)

    Mrs Johnson's First Grade