Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Before and After

There seems to be a huge divide among bloggers right now.  Some of you are busy working in your classrooms and they already look amazing.  Others haven't even stepped into your classrooms this summer (and then there are those of you that just now finished your school year).  So, for those of you who are stressing because you feel so far behind ... this post is for you.  Trust me ... you want to read this!!!

I am moving from one classroom to another.  Here is my AFTER picture of my new classroom:

So are you thinking that I have it all together and have moved everything and already put it away?  Wrong, wrong, wrong!  I have not moved a single item. Why then is this my AFTER picture?  Because this was the scene yesterday when I stepped into my new classroom for the first time:

None of this stuff is mine.  NONE of it. N.O.N.E.!!!!!! Another teacher had moved all the things she didn't want into this classroom the previous day.  Why?  Not sure.  Did I cry?  Nope!  Did I pout?  Nope!  Did I think lots of negative thoughts?  Oh, yeah ... lots and lots.  But luckily I have Pete the Cat for a role model ... so I just kept walking along and singing my song!  "I love my new room!  I love my new room!  I love my new room!"  (Well, at first my song wasn't so cheerful ... in fact, there was no cheer at all in the beginning.)

So my first task in my new room was to go through every box and bag.  (You can't tell from this photo, but there were lots of large garbage bags filled with items because she ran out of boxes.)  I sorted, I tossed, I recycled, I gave away.  I found some amazing items in the rubble which went to our new transitional kindergarten classes.  Two dear friends came to help.  (THANK YOU Kate and Kristi!!! I could not ask for better friends or coworkers!!!) 24 hours later, the room was barren.  (Yes, we all stopped at night and went home and went to bed.) Now our poor, dear custodian can come in and do the summer deep cleaning.  He was in panic mode yesterday when he saw the room in its BEFORE state.  This morning, I searched him out and brought him to see the room in its AFTER state and his sweet smile was HUGE!  You see, he was given the task of getting this room deep cleaned by Monday when the summer school students arrive in this room.  More good news:  My wonderful principal thanked me for being a great team player (she was one of the dear friends who helped me sort, etc.)

So ... now that my room is barren, I have a blank canvas and can start to dream and create.  It really is a great room.  Extra large; near the bathrooms; extra storage space.

Still feeling panicky?  Just look at my BEFORE picture again.  (...and know that I still have to pack up my old room.)

Love to all,

P.S.  I love my new room!  I love my new room!  I love my new room!


  1. Bravo!

    But, um....I hear there is a cease and desist on mentioning Pete the you know what on blogs.
    And if you sing his song...oh, my! ;)

    Congrats! Can't wait to see it when it's officially done!

    1. Whoops! Is that a legal issue??? If so, I will rework my post! Sigh.

    2. Me again! I did a bit of googling and it sounds like the "Cease and Desist" order is for products being sold that use copyrighted names and images. In my non-legal opinion, it sounds like just mentioning our favorite cat in a blog is fine. Whew! (But if you disagree or have more information, feel free to correct me!)

    3. It was just my attepmt at humor with all the hubbub we're going through on TpT... I thought you sold there and would laugh! Oops! Sorry!! :)

  2. Wow! You are a much better person than me... I would have thrown a fit and a new book would have been written for me called Surly the Cat.

    Love all those cabinets :) You are going to love your new space!

    Every New Beginning

  3. Whoa!!! You're a good person. My fit would have been too large for Pete the Cat to handle. :D
    You and fabulous friends did a wonderful job!
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  4. I Love your new room and your awesome attitude Camille! That was really unfair of that teacher to do that to you. I'm so glad you had help! Your new room will look amazing in the fall!

    Keep singing your song because "It's all good!"
    Now if I only I can think that way about my own situation...

  5. It was just my attepmt at humor with all the hubbub we're going through on TpT... I thought you sold there and would laugh! Oops! Sorry!! :)

  6. My room def looks like your second picture! BTW, make sure you stop by my blog and join because my first giveaway is going live in less than 24 hours!

  7. My room is barren, but my hallway looks like your before picture! It's a disaster! And I am chomping at the bit to get in there, but we are not allowed in yet. :/ Waiting, waiting, waiting. Several of us are changing classrooms next year, so everything is everywhere. I can't wait till I can get in and get busy!

    By the way, I am a new follower! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!