Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kindergarten Kickoff

Kindergarten Kickoff is a fun name for an event, right?  The name was carefully picked.  We could have called it "Kindergarten Testing", but that sounds pretty scary!  So here is the scoop on our Kinder Kickoff:

Two years ago the kinder teachers at my school decided that we wanted more information on incoming kinders.  So we began to assess our kinders in June before they even become kindergartners.  We now schedule a 30 minute appointment with each soon-to-be kinder.

So this week I got to meet an amazing group of four and five year-olds who are VERY excited about starting kindergarten in August.  I think they might be the most adorable children in the world!

Anyway, this is the assessment we created to test our kinders on their beginning skills:
Kinder Assessment Form

We also ask our kinders to write their names and draw a picture of their family.  After they are finished with the picture, we have them talk about it so we can measure their oral language skills.  (When I copied this form to Goggle Docs, I lost the lines for the name.  Sorry!)
Kinder Name Page

Meanwhile, we ask the waiting parents to fill out this form:

Hope this information is helpful!

Love to all,



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