Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Personal Tribute

Today I am using my blog to pay tribute to a man who died far too young.  His name was Larry and he was my best friend and husband for 21 years.  Two years ago today Larry died in an accident doing what he loved best: biking.  He had just completed his favorite (and very strenuous) bike ride and was on his way home.  It was an accident with no one to blame.  It just happened.

So here is a photo tribute to my very favorite guy.

As a child ...  (early 1960's)

As a newly engaged man, with guess who?  Look at that smile! I used to tease him that if he kept smiling those ear to ear smiles, he might crack his face in two. (1988)

Just married ... and again that smile! (1989)

The honeymoon ... we went biking, of course!  (Tahoe 1989)

He had both a serious side (on rare occasions)...

and a goofy side.  The goofy side was MUCH bigger so he always kept me laughing.  


As the best man in his dad's wedding in 2010.  I love this picture because he is smiling at the photographer (ME!!!!!).

Our last trip to Lake Tahoe just a month before his death.  I am so glad that we took the time to go!

His favorite activity!  He loved to wear a yellow shirt when biking because that is the color won by the biking champions in the Tour de France.  

So, for those of you still with me, thank you for reading this and taking a moment to learn about my Larry.  He was an amazing man!  Sweet, fun, compassionate, courageous.  I could not have asked for a better husband.  Larry loved helping others and never let anything interfere with that.  Larry struggled with diabetes for over 40 years, but he never let that define who he was.  After his death, Larry's favorite nurse told me that he had every possible diabetic complication possible and that his pain must have been incredible.  I knew this and yet hearing it defined that way was stunning.  You see,  my sweet husband got up each day, put a smile on his face and provided cheer for the rest of us.  After his death, I was amazed at how many people came forward to tell me that Larry was one of their favorite people:  grocery clerks, pharmacists, many people that I did not know.  Once they found out who I was, they told me beautiful stories about Larry and how he had helped them in some way.  Most of the stories I did not know because for Larry being kind to others just came naturally.  It was his normal way of life.  So often I reflect on our time together and always come to the same conclusion:  Given a choice of being married to Larry for only 21 years or not at all, I would always take the 21 years.  It was not long enough, but it was wonderful.  I know that my sweet guy no longer feels pain and is busy biking and gardening in Heaven.  When I think about joining him there, I just know that he will be waiting for me with a tandem bike in hand so we can go biking together.  I can hardly wait!

Thanks for indulging me, my dear bloggy friends!  My advice to all of you is to savor each moment with your loved ones!

Love to all,


  1. I am crying in front of this computer and feel so sad about this. I had no idea that you had lost your husband. He was remarkable and I just wish I had known him. I love his wife and I am so grateful to have met you. What is there to say?

  2. What amazing photos and memories you have.

    I'm so happy that you sound at peace with what happened. It's so hard when accidents happen not to let blame and vengeance fill your heart, and I know that it must be hard, but it's beautiful to read you able to still look at the positives in his life.

    My dad died when he was 42, and I know my mom feels the same way about him. It wasn't long enough for him to be here (I was only 11; my brothers were 13 and 7)- but I'm still so happy that he was in our lives at all.

    Thinking of you on this special day. I know the feeling of writing something about my dad and smiling at the memories with tears rolling down my face- as wonderful as it can be to think of the person, it doesn't make it easy. I hope you get to keep focusing on the happy today!


  3. Your pictures are priceless...I can tell that you had a happy marriage and I am so sorry that he is not with you now. This post is beautiful.

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  5. I type this with tears in my eyes!
    This is beautiful--thank you for letting us meet Larry!
    Hugs to you, my friend!!!!!

  6. ((hugs)) you and Larry are amazing. Thank you for sharing his story.

    1. God Bless you Tanya and your cute mini-me-of-you.
      Jerry Let's clear-up stuff dear. My whole life has been nothing but these abuses and I need a break before I go. The abuses are from one false datum after another, such as thought I left you or some false info your Mom gave about a church device (she even put that in divorce papers). So please at least try to clear things up with me. No need privatize your facebook, was going to moderate my messages.

  7. I just found your blog and read this post. Beautiful.... He sounds like a great guy. A hug from a new friend to you!

    Learning in the Little Apple

  8. What a beautiful tribute! You must miss him terribly. Thank you for sharing his wonderful life with us! I pray for your continued peace and comfort.

    Teaching with Moxie