Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Apology

Sigh ... I am one of those people that rarely listens to their instincts.  The other day I blogged about a product that I had not used, but had seen a sample of and it looked promising.  Anyone who blogged about it, got the product free.  I LOVE free!  So instead of listening to my instincts that said, "Slow down!  This is too good to be true!" I blogged about it and received it and ... it is not something I can recommend for teachers.  So I removed that blog post and emailed the company, but I still feel icky.  Like a liar.  Like one of those celebrities that advertises a product that they would never use just for the money.  (Well, except I am not a celebrity and I never got any money, just a not-so-good product.)  So I apologize to anyone who read that post and if I ever mention a product again, it will be one that I have used and LOVE!!!  I promise!

Love to all,

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